First Baptist Church

Fairbanks, alaska





First Baptist Church of Fairbanks was established as a Mission in 1944 and became the church we know and love in 1945.  In our 75 years, FBC has planted seeds throughout the Interior of Alaska that have sprouted into numerous churches and a countless number of lives touched.  We celebrate the Lord's calling of our church and the impact He has used us for.  We ask that you join us in celebrating God's calling of FBC.




Tentative Schedule of events

Saturday, June 13th
Sunday, June 14th
We are scheduling a catered dinner at the JP Jones Center where we can meet one another and share memories and stories from the life of First Baptist Church. Doors will open at 5:00 pm and dinner at 6:00 pm.  Please RSVP through our contact below or shoot us an email.
3:00 PM Celebration Service- All are invited to join us for this special service where we will honor all the seeds the Lord has planted throughout the Interior through FBC.  We ask that all of the churches in the area whose roots include us to join us for this Celebration.  
Dates Attended FBC?  
Can you join us for dinner?  

Share Your Memories or Stories

We are attempting to create a collection of FBC memories and stories to share during the Celebration.  Please send us any photos or memories you want to share!  You can also send us your RSVP for dinner.

Postponed until 2021